Staff Group photo 2011

Agius is a locally owned, family-run business in the reconstruction, restoration and marble works sectors. Sharing a passion for their work the Agius brothers brought with them a family legacy, expertise and trusted reputation of providing quality services gained from over 40 years of hands-on experience in all aspects of masonry work. The business has grown exponentially over the last thirty years and is now responsible for some of the largest and most prestigious projects in both the restoration and in the marbles/paving sectors. Agius owns its own production plant and the specialized machinery and crafstmanship to undertake all the process involves in cutting, moulding, sizing, polishing, finishing, sculpting, laying and installing stone and marble works.

The business has two main production lines: Agius Stone Works and Agius Marble Works. As the company continues to grow and develop the directors continue to retain a hands-on approach to their work, to ensure that their vision, valuable skills and expertise are passed on to the workforce and to the younger generation of family members and other professionals who have now been integrated into the Agius Companies.